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Welcome to the Adult Comics website
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On this website you can purchase English PDF files of adult comics series
We have many (foreign) adult comics available in English for purchase as PDF file.
Many of these comics were previously not published in English. We have translated them for you.
These translated comics can only be purchased from this website.
A wide variety of comics are available: detective comics, crime comics, spy comics, thriller and horror comics,
erotic and pornographic comics, fantasy, science fiction, etcetera.
To be able to offer you comics in a good quality, we enhanced and/or reformatted the scans where needed.
We are still adding new series and comics to the website, so visit this website regularly.
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Feedback from our customers
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"Thank you. Your translations are top notch!"
"Thank you. Excellent translations!"
"Thank you. Translation is great!"
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"I will be ordering more PDFs from you in the future."
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He is looking forward to the next delivery."
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